The Associazione per lo studio del Metodo Feldenkrais® a.s.c.d.

promotes a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in Tuscany. The program is accredited both by the Associazione Italiana Insegnanti del Metodo Feldenkrais (the Italian Feldenkrais Guild) and the International Feldenkrais Federation.
The professional qualification is acknowledged across the world and entitles the practitioner to become a member of the national Feldenkrais Guild as well as the international Feldenkrais Associations.


  • Those who wish to study in depth the disciplines dealing with learning and human movement.
  • Those who wish to acquire an expertise to open a private practice.
  • Teachers in Physical education, rehabilitation therapists, psychologists, physicians, those who wish to enrich their toolkit in terms of insight and therapeutic intervention.
  • Musicians, dancers, actors, performers, and athletes; coaches, teachers, and experts in body work.
  • Those who, for professional or personal reasons, are to cope with stressful or physically constrained situations.
The Method is popular in Europe, the United States, Australia, Israel and Canada. It can be applied in a variety of fields ranging from physical rehabilitation to motor re-education of children with problems, from physical education to sports and to the increasingly growing field of gerontology.


To become a Practitioner able to guide other people to improve, you need to master an extensive theory, develop your own self-organization in movement, refine your own art of touch.

The program, in its outlines, includes:

  • Training to teach Awareness Through Movement ®
    Awareness Through Movement® groups with a wide range of movements belonging to the primary human development, a number of processes that introduce and enhance new functional choices.

  • Guidance to learn individual Functional Integration®
    • Preparatory stage to Functional Integration®.
    • Functional Integration® practice under the trainer's guidance.
    • Functional Integration® to every student.
    • Working with cases and people from the public supervised by the teachers.

  • Videos of Moshe Feldenkrais working.

  • Lectures and discussions.

  • Democratic and active participation in the Association life.


Your Application form, along with a résumé (CV) and a 500.00 Euro deposit (valid as first part of the first year fee), should be addressed to: Segreteria dell'Associazione per lo Studio del Metodo Feldenkrais a.s.c.d. - Via Campolmi 5, 59100 Prato - Italy.
The annual tuition fee is of Euro 3,050.00 - and it can be split in three parts
(Euro 1,000.00 to be paid by April 30th ; Euro 1,000.00 by June 30th, Euro 1,050.00 by December 1st ).
The fee will be unchanged by resolution until 2020.
Please make your bank transfers to:
Associazione per lo studio del Metodo Feldenkrais a.s.c.d., Via Campolmi, 5 - 59100 Prato, Italy
At: Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro - BNL, Prato Central Branch, Via Bettino 2, 59100 Prato - Italy
Account # 50436 - ABI code: 1005 - CAB code: 21500 - IBAN code: IT96Z 01005 21500 000000 050436 - BIC/SWIFT code: BNLIITRRPOX - Description: please, specify "part of association fee for (your name)".


Segreteria dell'Associazione per lo Studio del Metodo Feldenkrais a.s.c.d.
Via Ezo Campolmi, 5 - 59100 Prato - Italy
Tel./Fax +39 0574 595813
Mob. +39 340 7723817   (Isabella Turino)
e-mail isabellaturino@gmail.com   and   info@feldenkraistraining.it


An actual attendance over several years - involving a commitment of at least 40 days every year - is required. You are asked to participate in classes lasting 6 hours every day according to a set calendar of a total amount of approx. 960 hours.
The Training takes place during four periods every year: a Summer segment, an Autumn, Winter and Spring segments.
There will be alternative periods of make-up for people who cannot join the Training for the entire month of July.
Furthermore, every month there will be a workshop open to all the members to review and deepen the material taught during the training segments.


1st segment

2nd segment

3rd segment

4th segment

First Year

July 20-31, 2017 October 28 -
November 5, 2017
December 1-10, 2017 April 27 -
May 6, 2018

Second Year

August 20 -
September 2, 2018
October 27 -
November 4, 2018
January 2-6, 2019 April 18 - May 1, 2019<

Third Year

August 19 - 31, 2019 September 27 - 28 - 29
November 1-10, 2019
December 26 -
January 7, 2020
February 21 - 22 - 23, 2020

Fourth Year

April 4-14, 2020 May 30 - 31
June 1 - 2, 2020
August 17 -
September 1, 2020
December 4-13, 2020

Those who will not be able to attend the planned courses as indicated above are given a later possibility to make up what they will miss.
In order to ensure some continuity in terms of the Association's activity - the training segments as well as the research goals - every month the Trainer Isabella Turino will coordinate a workshop (usually in a week-end) open to all the members.     See schedule


The scientific and educational committee is formed by:

  Ruthy Alon
  Ruty Bar
  Basil Glazer
  Donna Ray
  Isabella Turino
  Cinzia Faccin