Associazione per lo studio
del Metodo Feldenkrais
Associazione sportiva culturale dilettantistica

"The ASSOCIAZIONE PER LO STUDIO DEL METODO FELDENKRAIS® a.s.c.d. is a non-profit Organization uninvolved in any political, racial or religious activity. It aims to: promote activities that deepen the theoretical and applicative aspects of the Feldenkrais Method®; support the spread of sport disciplines, whether they are acknowledged by the Italian National Olympic Committee or not; further the training of its members and of young people; spread the culture of the practiced disciplines and encourage the study of related issues. It organizes national and international sport events and related advertisement, conferences, congresses, symposia; it initiates social actions and afterschool training by promoting projects that support active attitudes and behaviours and applying the methods of free associating.
The Associazione seeks to contact and meet with the social forces active in our society, with public Institutions, local agencies, cultural, tourist and sports organizations to contribute to the implementation of projects within a community plan for leisure and sports activities. It can perform recreational and teaching activities in the field of sports, environment and other fields of common interest. In compliance with the national laws and regulations, federal statutes and any other relavant regulation in the case in point, it can carry out any other necessary activity to raise funds in order to support the athletic, civil, cultural and democratic development of the Association and its members.
The Associazione is or will be affiliate to any Italian Sport Federation or other similar bodies and to international organisations for the Feldenkrais Method® that it will judge appropriate to join, accepting explicitly and applying their regulations and any other decision made by the Federal bodies.
The colours of the Associazione, beside the National colours (green, white, and red), as well as its symbol will be decided after the approval of these by-laws."

RUTHY ALON - President

She has studied with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais for many years and was one of his pupils in the first training group he created. She has been educational director in many training programs across the world; she teaches at the University of Tel Aviv and since 1988 she has been spreading the Method in Italy, being the educational director of the first Italian training Program.
With her ceaseless teaching activity she has been divulging the Method, showing some preference for Tuscany.
She teaches in her Firenze and Jerusalem courses in her distinctive, subtle, inspired and creative way. She speaks Italian fluently.
She is the Educational Director of Firenze Training Program presently on course.

Books by Ruthy Alon

  • Mindful Spontaneity, (Prism Press, 1990.)


She has become a Feldenkrais Method® practitioner under Ruthy Alon's guidance, and she continues to study and collaborate with her. She practices her profession in Prato and Firenze.
As Feldenkrais Trainer she will be always present during the whole Training to ensure the educational continuity and a constant presence of an Italian speaker.
She is a member of the Associazione Italiana Insegnanti del Metodo Feldenkrais (Feldenkrais Italian Guild).

Instructor in Physical Education since 1973, she has taught for more than twenty years in the state school.
She has taught the Feldenkrais Method® in post-graduation courses for ISEF (Physical Education College) graduates in Firenze and qualifying courses appointed by the Ministry of Education.
She has coordinated motor activity and introduction to swimming courses for children, having being appointed by the Municipality of Prato, in collaboration with CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and the Scuola dello Sport.
She is a Biosystemic Counsellor.